Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sky Pirates Comic Concept Sketches

So here are some concept sketches for my new comic. This is Yewie the main character and Jeffery the first mate octopus. Captain Marmalade's ship is called Alice in reference to her curious nature.

And these are some concept sketches for the orphanage Yewie lives at. The orphanage is overflowing with children so some are forced to sleep on the fire escapes. Here u can see Yewie and Pokey (the one with the nightcap) and Kyle (the one with the cat).

These are sketches for the inside of Marmalade's ship.

Smaller airship design.

Rough sketch of one of the pages.

The first page so far. Don't judge its not done yet!! lol.

So yep. thats it for now.

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Kat said...

can't wait till you're done with the first pages


-kitty haku