Monday, September 7, 2009

school is tomo

Okay so the new banner is up. yaayy!! i was trying to decide b/w simple and fancy and so i decided to go with the fancy. anywho so in the sky pirates comic of i was thinking of the first world the would visit and i decided on the girl who lives in the glass castle. i wanted it to be indian-esque so the glass castle will be modeled after the taj mahal. i havent gotten to the exact design yet but heres what its supposed to look like.

here's some character design and some monologue from yewie. i dont have a name for her yet, i have to look into idian names and do some research. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! lol also u can see me copying the movie The Fall. that movie is pretty inspirational. i think im going to make her clothes white and gold. but idk yet. we'll see.

lol heres a one page comic idea im working on. what im afraid of the most. these are some rough drafts.

and yay! kelsey's birthday! (that i misses. sorry!!! :CC) but anyways heres her present. its pretty crappy and i apologize to her for that. its supposed to be us fighting azn style. 8D

and now i have abajillion essays to write so bye bye.


Kail said...


burst into flames said...

ELISE LOL its sarah :)
i found your blog as a result of college boredom....a fierce disease to which i cannot find the cure =/

and yeah...your art makes me happy and want to kill myself at the same time cuz i suckkkkkkkkkk >.< D: