Wednesday, August 12, 2009

watercolor love

so i've decided to start updating this sight regularly mostly due to my friend erin's inspirational DA journal xD as she reminded me that i actually had a blog i should probably be updating. but it gets so lonely around here. no more however bc erin has a blog! yay! friends! 8D LOL.

so lately ive gotten hugely into watercolor. dont get me wrong, ive always loved it, but now it seems to have replaced markers as my daily medium. 
if this blog will let me put a picture up (-__-) this is Captain Marmalade and his female first mate Jeffery the Octopus, some of the main characters from a new comic im making abt sky pirates (which ws inspired by a single stop-motion animation done for drawing class here. this comic will be a bit more serious, philosophical, emotional, you know all those tasty dark things. alas do not worry there will be humor!! 

oh yes. and this is my me and my bf. (yes.. i have a bf now. SHOCKING.)

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