Sunday, September 6, 2009

metaphors and tricky knots

Just a little snippet of an idea i thought i'd share. i wouldn't call this an official page but its an idea id like to use. im a huge fan of analogies. i think theyre just great *dreamy sigh* C:> but anyways this was the sort of direction i was going in with this comic with emphasis on the sort of student/mentor relationship b/w Yewie and Marmalade. basically whats supposed to happen is captain marmalade whisks little yewie away from his suckish life in the orphanage and brings him along on this magical journey where they travel to lands that serve as metaphors for all of Yewie's internal issues- such as his issue of identity, trust, his fears of vulnerability etc. Basically Marmalade is his guardian angel sent from God, his mission to bring hope into Yewie's life. llol dont worry i wont spoil. but theres the synopsis. 

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