Sunday, February 10, 2013

So much business

WOW it has been two years without an update. Entirely my fault. But I have been extremely busy. I decided to go back to school to get a degree. And I'm also sort of employed sort of? I'm doing some comic freelance stuff for a company if that counts. If you're at all curious you can see some of the concept stuff here. Anyways I have a number of projects I'm working on currently. My webcomic started updating but then I had to put it on hiatus because of school and jobs and all that stuff. I did make a pretty cool "update image" though.
you can read it here. Aside from that I'm finally doing a Hero Girl comic for class. I'v decided its going to be sort of an episodic thing so this could be considered the first "episode".
As a side project I'm going to attempt to make a game with Matty. Sort of like an old school Pokemon game/Yume Nikki type deal. It's going to be a psychic ghost hunting game where you play a select character with psychic abilities who goes around helping, hunting, and catching ghosts/spirits. I made some concept art already because I'm super super excited about it!!
The Tooth Story's not going to be happening for quite a while and i also have sort of a Norse/Celtic story in mind as well in addition to some other story ideas i have yet to flesh out. Also i got a haircut. WOO

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tooth Story

I dont know if you'll be able to read the scan, but basically this story is about a tooth who gets a cavity, which is pretty much the equivalent of cancer in tooth world, and getting the cavity drilled is like getting a lobotomy.

and just because its a tooth...

comic underway...

So this update is well over due. The sky pirate comic is finally blossoming into more than just a jumbled mess of thought and a few rough sketches. yay! I did a bunch of monster concept art. soon all the concept art will be out of the way and I can finally get to drawing the actual thumbnails. I also have another comic I'm working on as kind of a practice comic. I'll make a separate blog entry for that right after this. woot organization (kind of).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

oh its you. how have u been? ive been really busy being dead.

holla back at my portal 2 reference :D

first off
i tumbl'd and now im a hipster faggot YAY :D status increase! i leveled up!

whisper world

thats not the final layout. im still working on the art of the official banner but maybe ill just keep the one thats already in use. the one im working on seems to have gone FUBAR on me.

i hate the background so much it brings sharp pains to my loins. im also on my period so its double the loin-pain.

and here are some really old doodles/drawings i never uploaded.

and yay portal2

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wonderlust stufff

some stuff for Wonderlust . i missed the meeting today bc im sick and blaaahh x___X

and this is in reference to this song LOLOLOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

skypirate sketches

i added a female character bc i wanted one. idk what her name will be yet. i might make her a street kid and make a bunch of other street kids to be in her gang or something. oh craapp i just realized i forgot to upload the monster designs. oh well next post then

aaand a dumb self-doodle and Adventure Time unicorn bro person.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

puppets, art, and job maybe??

So I've been going around my area looking for jobs in different comic shops. I just had an interview with Montasy Comics yesterday and I think it went well. The only problem is they aren't going to pay me very much; but it was implied that as time goes on I'd be payed more. Still I'm not so happy about the possible below minimum wage.

I really want to send my resume to these guys: Spaeth Design . I'm a little afraid to though because I'm so young and I only have a few arts and crafty things in my portfolio and plus i don't even know what the policy for sending resumes is. They only have one email address on their website but I hardly think it's used for people who want to get a job with them... I just really dont want to look unprofessional and do something stupid... idk maybe i'll grow some balls and just do it.

I need to get a wig for her still... :/