Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tooth Story

I dont know if you'll be able to read the scan, but basically this story is about a tooth who gets a cavity, which is pretty much the equivalent of cancer in tooth world, and getting the cavity drilled is like getting a lobotomy.

and just because its a tooth...


CheeseVision said...

Wow! That's seriously a really creative idea, and I like the little faces you drew on them. I have a weird interest in teeth, so this story is right up my alley. Great job!

Pierre Cardan said...

Death tooth's coming to getcha! Did you draw all of these? You've got talent, man. You can make a comic strip about all the other teeth meeting together and taking about their problems. That would be funnier!

Pierre Cardan

Jenna said...

My daughter's Tooth Fairy is gonna hand Death tooth its sentence! LOL.

@Pierre: Ya, he can make an artistic storyline out of those frames.

Jenna Schrock