Wednesday, January 12, 2011

puppets, art, and job maybe??

So I've been going around my area looking for jobs in different comic shops. I just had an interview with Montasy Comics yesterday and I think it went well. The only problem is they aren't going to pay me very much; but it was implied that as time goes on I'd be payed more. Still I'm not so happy about the possible below minimum wage.

I really want to send my resume to these guys: Spaeth Design . I'm a little afraid to though because I'm so young and I only have a few arts and crafty things in my portfolio and plus i don't even know what the policy for sending resumes is. They only have one email address on their website but I hardly think it's used for people who want to get a job with them... I just really dont want to look unprofessional and do something stupid... idk maybe i'll grow some balls and just do it.

I need to get a wig for her still... :/

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