Sunday, May 22, 2011

oh its you. how have u been? ive been really busy being dead.

holla back at my portal 2 reference :D

first off
i tumbl'd and now im a hipster faggot YAY :D status increase! i leveled up!

whisper world

thats not the final layout. im still working on the art of the official banner but maybe ill just keep the one thats already in use. the one im working on seems to have gone FUBAR on me.

i hate the background so much it brings sharp pains to my loins. im also on my period so its double the loin-pain.

and here are some really old doodles/drawings i never uploaded.

and yay portal2

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Shawners said...

You got some awesome stuff, keep it up!
I do a halloween comic every year with short story comics, would you want to join us?