Sunday, September 27, 2009

my hw kills

So this is what i've been doing. Lots and lots and lots of comics. @__@ im fer reals going crazy... i'm sorry to everyone who i promised to chill with/talk to on teh phone. it might be a while...

anyway, i went to confession the other day for the first time in a loong time and when i came out it basically went like this: Me: so mom what's your penance? Mom: oh i had to say an Our Father. sister: yeah that was my penance too. why what was yours elise? Me: ...he said as my penance i have to reflect on what the Holy Spirit has shown to be rejuvenating to my soul. Everyone: ....

yay im weird. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

school is tomo

Okay so the new banner is up. yaayy!! i was trying to decide b/w simple and fancy and so i decided to go with the fancy. anywho so in the sky pirates comic of i was thinking of the first world the would visit and i decided on the girl who lives in the glass castle. i wanted it to be indian-esque so the glass castle will be modeled after the taj mahal. i havent gotten to the exact design yet but heres what its supposed to look like.

here's some character design and some monologue from yewie. i dont have a name for her yet, i have to look into idian names and do some research. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! lol also u can see me copying the movie The Fall. that movie is pretty inspirational. i think im going to make her clothes white and gold. but idk yet. we'll see.

lol heres a one page comic idea im working on. what im afraid of the most. these are some rough drafts.

and yay! kelsey's birthday! (that i misses. sorry!!! :CC) but anyways heres her present. its pretty crappy and i apologize to her for that. its supposed to be us fighting azn style. 8D

and now i have abajillion essays to write so bye bye.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

metaphors and tricky knots

Just a little snippet of an idea i thought i'd share. i wouldn't call this an official page but its an idea id like to use. im a huge fan of analogies. i think theyre just great *dreamy sigh* C:> but anyways this was the sort of direction i was going in with this comic with emphasis on the sort of student/mentor relationship b/w Yewie and Marmalade. basically whats supposed to happen is captain marmalade whisks little yewie away from his suckish life in the orphanage and brings him along on this magical journey where they travel to lands that serve as metaphors for all of Yewie's internal issues- such as his issue of identity, trust, his fears of vulnerability etc. Basically Marmalade is his guardian angel sent from God, his mission to bring hope into Yewie's life. llol dont worry i wont spoil. but theres the synopsis. 

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I'm updating again today bc it just so happens i made something im really excited about, mostly bc i never get to do these kinds of things due to lack of materials, but none the less something its something ive always wanted to do.

yay collage!!

Sky Pirates Comic Concept Sketches

So here are some concept sketches for my new comic. This is Yewie the main character and Jeffery the first mate octopus. Captain Marmalade's ship is called Alice in reference to her curious nature.

And these are some concept sketches for the orphanage Yewie lives at. The orphanage is overflowing with children so some are forced to sleep on the fire escapes. Here u can see Yewie and Pokey (the one with the nightcap) and Kyle (the one with the cat).

These are sketches for the inside of Marmalade's ship.

Smaller airship design.

Rough sketch of one of the pages.

The first page so far. Don't judge its not done yet!! lol.

So yep. thats it for now.