Thursday, March 12, 2009


i highly doubt anyone even looks a this place. i know i pretty much forgot about this place altogether till today i got bored and decided to google search my deviantart name to see how popular i was. lol. apparently i mentioned it here. lol so im going to mention it again xD just because i love to advertise myself. ---->

umm.. my style has undergone some changes. mostly due to my sudden change in attitude and over all disposition. i think. ive also become severely depressed and i think its safe to mention that here since i dont think anyone even looks at my page. so yeah anyways im sorry if you guys were expecting to see some slashy cartoonie fanart goodness but i just dont think thats happening anymore. it kind of sucks that ur popularity as an online artist goes down quite a bit once you move from being a "fan-artist" to an actual "artist". but its okay. its something im willing to sacrifice to meet my own emotional needs. quite frankly i care more about if im satisfied with something more than if other people are satisfied. also, im too depressed to bother keeping you guys amused with cartoonie humor so im probably going to have to change the name of this sight since well.. it seems to happy to accurately describe my current work. if you can call it work. its more like slapping a label on some bullshit. right now i dont think ive ever been so unsatisfied with my work. idk if 18 is a little to early to be having an identity crisis but... yeah i think thats the major problem. my work has no substance because I have no substance. end of story. 

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