Thursday, August 5, 2010

LOL i found this going through my old email

this is an explanation i wrote for a story that i sent in for a writing contest back in high school. i was inspired by invader zim (and by inspired i mean stole LOL jkjk) and based my chars around zim and dib. i however left the chars nameless. maan i cant write or analyze for shit anymore. and this wasnt even "good" writing this was like average and i still cant even reach this level. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.......

I wanted to choose something out of the ordinary, something that would force people to go back and read the whole story over again, because God knows you couldn’t swallow all of it the first time. When it comes to writing short stories, I find that the story is most effective if the characters are highly developed. My interest in writing also sparked form observing the way people’s relationships are woven together and the way personalities bounce off one another. My main goal is to weasel my way into a characters psyche and somehow develop from that a situation that would reveal them for what they truly are. All my stories focus on two characters at most experiencing some kind of epiphany, but in this story, I find, the characters have the most unusual gut wrenching relationship of all. They are enemies, one is alien and one is human. Both are unbelievably loyal to their races and both are abandoned; one for unknown reasons and the other was alone from the very beginning. Both being too afraid of feeling vulnerable to admit they have nothing left to live for, they block out the rest of the world, fighting with each other as if it were some kind heroic movie or drug they use to escape their horrible reality. Year after year of doing the same thing, they come to find their hatred for each other no longer exists and the only reason they haven’t yet committed suicide is because of the other. Without the hatred that had carved their rivalry in stone, they no longer know where they stand in regards to the other. They are not friends because they cannot stand each other, they do not love because they are too proud, and they no longer hate because they need each other. Their relationship is a self gratuitous one; they feed off the other’s obsession, taking only what satisfies them, until the very end when they discover that what they have done was pointless, and a tacit understanding settles in between them. At times it may be difficult to discern between the two since no names are given, however that was done intentionally to show how alike they really are, that “they are the same” person and undeniably soul-mates.

ok no more griping. (promise).

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