Sunday, December 13, 2009

water color shiz

so i finally have shit to show u guys. im sorry if its not that much. ive been super busy with comics and essay shit. id show u my comics but in all honesty theyre so incredibly awful you would cry if u laid eyes on them.

dis one is for chrissehboo<333 actually it wasnt made for him, he just happened to see it and wanted it so im giving it t him. i really dislike this one. idk why he even wants it. either hes lying to me or hes just out of his damn mind. JK I LUV U!

my teacher hates this one. but i really like it. she says i used to many bright colors at the bottom but w/e. fuck her.

this one is emo. yay. it is also my fav. bc i am emo. :O

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