Monday, October 5, 2009

Where I stand on ZADR

For those of you who don't know what ZADR is, it basically stands for Zim and Dib Romance. Zim and Dib being characters from the cartoon show Invader Zim.

NOW, while i heavily support this couple and they remain proudly at the top of my all time favorite OTP (one true pairing) list, i do draw lines at places. first and foremost let me just say i am a strong believer in keeping things canon, i do enjoy crack!pairings at times however even then i need them to act as realistically as possible. i absolutely detest OOC. Now back to the zadr (forgive me if this entry jumps around a bit, it IS 5 in the morning after all); as i said before i support zim and dib as a "couple" however i do not believe they are in love or ever will be. i DO however believe they need each other more than they need air. you see... zim and dib ROMANCE doesn't exist. there is no courtship no cute kisses and blah. zim and dib may even fool themselves into thinking they are in love at one point, but even then it will only be because they dont know what else to call it. would they have sex? yes. it does make sense for dib to be attracted to zim, all i can say is its too bad zim cannot reciprocate those feelings. zim may just let dib "have his way with him" because he "loves" him and also because he feels its one step up to controlling him- the only kind of rush zim is capable of feeling. a lot of people may challenge this theory and accuse me of just liking the "hot alien sex"; well (even tho i do LOL) if you read any real canon zim and dib sex story its not stimulating at all. if anything its extremely depressing, pathetic and makes you want to vomit. which is why i love it. yes im weird shut up. 

ok i need to sleep or else i die. xP

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